Ginger Katz is Taking Action in March 2011 celebrating drug free youth!

    A Celebration of Women is elated to share with the Women of our World, this upcoming event of our WOMAN of ACTION, Ginger Katz      WOMAN of ACTION      Ginger Katz     Ginger Katz, our very own WOMAN of ACTION   invites one and all to join her on this very important night.   "  Virginia "Ginger" Katz, CEO and Founder of the Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc. has transformed a personal tragedy, the loss of her only son, Ian, to drugs at the age 20, into a beacon of hope. The Courage To … [Read more...]

Lasara Firefox Allen – 7 Steps to Teaching Your Kids About Sex

7 Steps to Teaching Your Kids About Sex By Lasara Firefox Allen The most common, and most damaging, misconception about teaching kids about sex is the idea of “The Talk.†You begin teaching your kids about sex – consciously or unconsciously – from the moment they leave the womb. You teach your children about sex through the ways that you model sexual and sensual loving with your partner. You teach them in the way you talk about, or do not talk about, bodies. You touch … [Read more...]

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