Ginger Katz is Taking Action in March 2011 celebrating drug free youth!



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Ginger Katz



Ginger Katz, our very own WOMAN of ACTION 

 invites one and all to join her on this very important night.


”  Virginia “Ginger” Katz, CEO and Founder of the Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc. has transformed a personal tragedy, the loss of her only son, Ian, to drugs at the age 20, into a beacon of hope. The Courage To Speak: Empowering Youth to Be Drug Free is a dynamic, riveting and thought-provoking presentation given by Ginger Katz, founder and president of The Courage To Speak Foundation. She is opening and encouraging dialogue and communication between teenagers, parents, educators, and others across the country. Ginger Katz has had the courage and passion to speak out on alcohol and drug use by teenagers and young adults.

Ginger‘s message is clear. Parents and their children need to talk openly and honestly on all of life’s challenges, but particularly on dangers of alcohol and drug use. Over the past 11 years, working closely with Norwalk public schools and education leaders, Ginger Katz has developed the Courage to Speak school health curriculum for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools; and now a new parent drug prevention curriculum called Courageous Parenting 101. Her message is spreading as it resonates in over 1000 presentations across the length and breadth of the country that have reached hundreds of thousands teenagers, parents, teachers, and others at many forums such as conferences, corporations, schools, town halls, church and other forums.

Ginger Katz recently wrote the novel Sunny’s Story, which brought her message to life this year through the eyes of the family dog, Sunny, a keen and intelligent observer of the damage done by alcohol and drug use to her master, Ian. This is a heart warming, but tragic story that will make readers, young and old, think twice about choices being made every day.

Ginger Katz‘s work has received state and national recognition and she is a recognized figure in the world of substance abuse prevention and treatment. She served as Honorary Chair of the 2006 Parent National Vigil in Washington, D.C. and she was a recipient of a Prevention Award from the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Courage to Speak was named a Presidential Points of Light honoree in 2003. Ginger Katz was named to Connecticut’s 2000 Woman of the Year by the Connecticut Post. She also received the Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk Community Leadership Award in 2005.

Ginger Katz is a frequent speaker at national and statewide conferences around the United States, most notably: keynote speech at the FSAM Conference at the University of Florida, 2008, JMATE – Joint Meeting on Adolescent Prevention and Treatment, 2008, UCONN Providers Conference, Waterbury Alliance Doctors Group, Keynote at Circle Around Families in Indiana, Keynote at National Narcotic Officers Association, Keynote at Connecticut PTA 105th Convention, Principal Leadership Conference in CA, Secondary School Conference in CT, CADCA National Youth Conference, Connecticut Association of Schools Winter Conference, ONDCP Summit, Pride International, and many others. ” BIO:







A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings and support to

The Courage to Speak Foundation,

and its Founder, our very own WOMAN of ACTION, Ginger Katz.




Brava Ginger!


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