Recovery is a Journey…Enjoy the Trip

Recovery is a Journey...Enjoy the Trip. So how does your recover-strategy-goal-setting prepare you to enter into the journey of recovery? Say, you’ve had a heart attack, actually your heart has been attacked; not your physical, anatomical heart, but your breakable, emotional heart. The personal heart that grows weary, the hardened heart, the heartless one, the cold heart, the heart that aches, that stands still, that leaps with joy and the one who has lost heart; yes, your very human … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Alina Mikos: 'Self-Sabotage'

  5 Ways We Self-Sabotage   By Alina Mikos Sabotage is easily recognized when the enemy is known to us: a competitive co-worker, a nasty ex-lover, or a jealous family member. However, the real challenge we face is from the enemy within. Read on for simple suggestions that will keep your inner saboteur in check…       1. Negative Self-Talk Thought of by some as the “the devil on their shoulder,” this destructive inner voice wreaks havoc on a person’s self-esteem. All too often, this … [Read more...]

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