Recovery is a Journey…Enjoy the Trip

Recovery is a Journey...Enjoy the Trip. So how does your recover-strategy-goal-setting prepare you to enter into the journey of recovery? Say, you’ve had a heart attack, actually your heart has been attacked; not your physical, anatomical heart, but your breakable, emotional heart. The personal heart that grows weary, the hardened heart, the heartless one, the cold heart, the heart that aches, that stands still, that leaps with joy and the one who has lost heart; yes, your very human … [Read more...]

Charlene Ann Day – WOMAN of ACTION™

    A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this visionary ... a social entrepreneur, speaker, seminar leader and Success Catalyst, devotes her life to helping others to recognize their full potential. She inspires women entrepreneurs to deal with issues and paradigms that prevent them from achieving their dreams and encourages them to live to their highest potential.   WOMAN of ACTION™     Charlene Ann Day She calls herself a … [Read more...]

LISA POOL: The White Elephant: 4 Tips to Balance Yourself and Overcome Doubt

  The White Elephant: 4 Tips to Balance Yourself and Overcome Doubt By Lisa Pool White Elephant; a burdensome possession or task; creating far more trouble than it’s worth. Well that doesn't sound at all pleasant now does it? The story of the white elephant as history tells, is this rare creature was regarded as sacred and holy in ancient times in many Asian countries. To possess a white elephant was a very expensive undertaking, with the owner required to feed the … [Read more...]

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