WOMEN in RECOVERY – ‘A Course in Miracles’: Let the Journey Begin …

  A Course in Miracles   '...let the Miracles begin....' 'This self-study metaphysical thought system is unique in teaching forgiveness as the road to inner peace and the remembrance of the unconditional love of God.'   How It Came into Being     In 1977 in response to many requests for a brief introduction to A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman wrote the following, which appears as the Preface to the Course. The first two parts: "How It Came" and "What It Is," Helen … [Read more...]

LISA POOL: The White Elephant: 4 Tips to Balance Yourself and Overcome Doubt

  The White Elephant: 4 Tips to Balance Yourself and Overcome Doubt By Lisa Pool White Elephant; a burdensome possession or task; creating far more trouble than it’s worth. Well that doesn't sound at all pleasant now does it? The story of the white elephant as history tells, is this rare creature was regarded as sacred and holy in ancient times in many Asian countries. To possess a white elephant was a very expensive undertaking, with the owner required to feed the … [Read more...]


***PLEASE read ALL the info below because I have some VERY COOL links to share with you!*** :) Hello fellow Lightworkers! I want to help you! I would love to share & promote your messages for humanity! So, if you feel like sharing, send me a video response! Make sure to watch the video responses posted below this video as well! Let's connect, promote & support one another! Let's keep this Lightworkers train a movin'! Let's recreate Paradise on Earth! We can do it! Make sure to rate … [Read more...]

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