Alcohol Leads to Nonadherence in HIV Treatment, ‘misconceptions’

The most common cause of viral resistance, reduced effectiveness, and therapeutic failure with antiretroviral therapy (ART) is nonadherence to the recommended drug regimen. Full adherence to most medications requires that patients take 95% of their dose at the recommended times. Yet studies find various rates of non-adherence or sub-optimal use ranging from 17% to as high as 95%. In HIV treatment, adherence rates as low as 50% contribute to viral resistance and reduce the protective effects … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: Get ready for Earth changes

  Spiritual reawakening spend some time alone in quiet thought. It is important that you allow yourself to decompress find quiet time to reflect, continue to grow spiritually, nourish yourself spiritually and emotional. You were created to make a difference to impact our society to make this world a better place. Listen and honor your feelings. God is here for you, divine guidance has opened the door.     SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Get ready for Earth changes The spiritual awakening … [Read more...]

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