WOMEN in RECOVERY – SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: Get ready for Earth changes


Spiritual reawakening spend some time alone in quiet thought.

It is important that you allow yourself to decompress find quiet time to reflect, continue to grow spiritually, nourish yourself spiritually and emotional. You were created to make a difference to impact our society to make this world a better place. Listen and honor your feelings.

God is here for you, divine guidance has opened the door.


 SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – Get ready for Earth changes

The spiritual awakening begins with some kind of uneasiness, a generalized and widespread premonition that we are in the final times of a cycle.

The search for truth leads to spirituality, to a door in our heart that allows us to reach another type of knowledge: the inner one. Through that knowledge we can achieve mystical experiences; those are experiences from our soul or spirit that allow us to know the mysteries of life and nature.

In order to reach that knowledge, many people resort to certain practices: Yoga, Tai Chi, relaxation, meditation, techniques to activate chakras, astral projection, etc. All those are helping tools, but the true awakening is that of the consciousness. It is achieved with will, in a rigorous work upon ourselves that enables us to grow spiritually until we reach inner enlightenment.

Our planet is about to undergo a process of change. The time for a new era is coming close: a period when spirituality, love and peace will prevail. But before, great sufferings will come to this humanity.

Do you wish to be prepared for that?

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