ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…

This week is extraordinary. With six planets in the Venus-ruled signs, this is no time to be jaded or difficult to get along with. There will simply be no status awarded for anti-social behavior. To some, it will be sickeningly sweet to watch all the compromise and peacemaking going on. But this force is so strong and the focus so narrow, even if you hate veneer and loathe co-dependence, you're likely to see that social grace, rules and cooperation are called for at this time.This energy … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Vicious Grand Cross‏

    We'll be dealing with a vicious Cardinal grand cross that involves Mars (anger, violence, ambition), Saturn (oppression, control, reality), Uranus (shock and rebellion) and Pluto (death and psychology) this week. This is not a light-weight situation but anyone who is not adverse to challenge should fare okay. This is potentially a very dangerous week but it won't help to spend it hiding under the bed. Mars is happy with prowess and achievement so set some goals and stay on top … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Major Turning Point: From Venom To Big Ideas‏

  You may be stressed on Thursday thanks to harsh aspects to the Virgo Moon. The day is specifically set up so that worriers will worry but you can transcend the problem by realizing whatever you're concerned about is not that much worse than it was the day before or will be the day after. Based on this, there is no need to feed feelings of anguish today. It's unproductive and you're almost guaranteed to feel differently within 24 hours so why suffer? Friday and Saturday, the Moon … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Venus and Mars.

We have another dynamic week on tap, I think it's pretty exciting. The major focus will be on Venus and Mars. These forces oppose yet complement each other and anyone who can marry or merge the two energies is really going to enjoy this week. I'm talking, love and sex, male and female, war and peace. Now there are some harsh bits here and they are significant. For one thing, Venus opposes Saturn this week and people will see the state 0f their relationships in the cold light of day. Loss is … [Read more...]

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