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This week is extraordinary. With six planets in the Venus-ruled signs, this is no time to be jaded or difficult to get along with. There will simply be no status awarded for anti-social behavior.

To some, it will be sickeningly sweet to watch all the compromise and peacemaking going on. But this force is so strong and the focus so narrow, even if you hate veneer and loathe co-dependence, you’re likely to see that social grace, rules and cooperation are called for at this time.This energy peaks under the Super New Moon in Libra, in the early morning (US) on Tuesday the 27th but it dominates the entire week. (see transit watch)

Getting along with others is so important in this time frame, it dwarfs any other concerns you might have. You simply must find a way to work and play well with others, or you’ll be rejected (Saturn) as the people around you detach (Uranus) and/or amputate (Pluto).

To fare well, be willing to receive an olive branch if someone decides to offer one because odds are, it will be a solid offer. Read that carefully. It describes one person graciously accepting what another person offers as opposed to one person beating or otherwise badgering another person into offering something they really don’t want to give.On the flip side if you are feeling pressure to repair a relationship you may have damaged, this would be an excellent time to take responsibility and offer an apology or make some kind of amends. But there are lines here. Don’t go bothering someone you know doesn’t want anything to do with you. If having contact with you will not benefit the other person, you have a responsibility to restrain yourself.

People who think in terms of reciprocity will thrive this week. To be fair is in vogue. Efforts to work in partnership towards a mutually agreed upon goal will almost certainly be successful.

You may or may not be someone who enjoys working with others but whoever you are, if you invest in relationship this week a benefit is almost guaranteed.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P

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