ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Venus and Mars.

We have another dynamic week on tap, I think it’s pretty exciting. The major focus will be on Venus and Mars. These forces oppose yet complement each other and anyone who can marry or merge the two energies is really going to enjoy this week. I’m talking, love and sex, male and female, war and peace.
Now there are some harsh bits here and they are significant. For one thing, Venus opposes Saturn this week and people will see the state 0f their
relationships in the cold light of day. Loss is part of this picture and it’s got to be reconciled.


Meanwhile, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries which describes over-the-top raw male energy. I am talking about boasting and bravado – machismo, and you can see how complicated this gets. How does one boast while being humbled? This week we’ll find out.


These themes dominate the week and the conflict between which doubles as affinity culminates under the new moon in Taurus which takes place just after midnight on May 3rd or Tuesday morning.


To sum up, people are raring to go all week but many are painfully afraid around issues of self-worth that stem from a variety of reasons. Too old, too poor, too ugly… these are the fears and we all have them.


The remedy is to accept that you’re human (along with everyone else) and then just get out there and do the best you can.


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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P


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