Elsa, Navigating the Full Moon in Aries, Venus Square Mars and a Cardinal T-Square‏

This will be one of the most dynamic and challenging weeks we've seen this year. This week is full of anger and strife. We're two t-squares and a poorly aspected, explosive full moon in Aries. It makes sense you be armed with a plan so that's what I'll offer. Conflict will erupt when you least expect it and the fighting will be intense. People shoot to kill under a sky like this so don't go around writing checks your ass can't cash. Don't assume you're the hottest head around, … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Venus and Mars.

We have another dynamic week on tap, I think it's pretty exciting. The major focus will be on Venus and Mars. These forces oppose yet complement each other and anyone who can marry or merge the two energies is really going to enjoy this week. I'm talking, love and sex, male and female, war and peace. Now there are some harsh bits here and they are significant. For one thing, Venus opposes Saturn this week and people will see the state 0f their relationships in the cold light of day. Loss is … [Read more...]

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