Elsa P: January 3, 2013 – Heat, Pressure and Self Control‏

Thursday is tense! Mercury, in the cautious sign of Capricorn, squares Uranus in Aries which is given to impulsive or even reckless action. You may get unexpected (Uranus) news (Mercury) that burdens (Capricorn) you, or you may deliver such news. Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo are liable to be agitated. See Transit Watch for more info. By Thursday evening, the Moon gets involved with Mercury and Uranus, as well as Pluto. Expect emotional upheaval and communication may be heated or … [Read more...]

Elsa P: August 23, 2012 – Mars in Scorpio, Sun Opposite Neptune & a Grand Trine in Air‏

Mars joins the Moon in Scorpio on Thursday. Both bodies are supported by planets in Cancer and Pisces and I think the shift will bring relief to many. This is because Mars was stuck in Virgo for eight months before transiting Libra, the sign of its detriment. Mars is at home in Scorpio, so high functioning. We all want to move ahead and we should have an easier time doing so with Mars in Scorpio which can be effective rather than having to weigh everything incessantly (Libra) which makes it … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Major Turning Point: From Venom To Big Ideas‏

  You may be stressed on Thursday thanks to harsh aspects to the Virgo Moon. The day is specifically set up so that worriers will worry but you can transcend the problem by realizing whatever you're concerned about is not that much worse than it was the day before or will be the day after. Based on this, there is no need to feed feelings of anguish today. It's unproductive and you're almost guaranteed to feel differently within 24 hours so why suffer? Friday and Saturday, the Moon … [Read more...]

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