OPRAH says: Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy, 6 Signs

6 Signs Your Partner Is Secretly Unhappy There've been no late-night texts from mysterious numbers, no blow-out fights, but you still can't shake the feeling something's off. Find out what some of those weird things might actually mean. ~ By Amy Shearn 1. He's Obsessively Acquiring Electronics As the novelist and essayist Charles Baxter put it in his book Burning Down the House, "People in a traumatized state tend to love their furniture." It's almost as if we're gathering things to … [Read more...]

OPRAH.COM ~Celebrate Who You Are~

~Celebrate Who You Are~ How often do you truly celebrate who you are? Because many of us, myself included, spend so much time and energy focused on what we think is "wrong" with us, celebrating ourselves doesn't often come that easy. For me, I've spent much of my life—as a student, an athlete, in business, in relationships and in general—demanding perfection of myself and, of course, falling short and feeling inadequate on a regular basis. Most people I … [Read more...]

Women of our World, OPRAH Shares – 2010 Tax Prep 101

      March 3, 2011   Tax Prep 101   Whether you have the information stored on your computer or in a shoebox, a new tax season can still leave you feeling unprepared. Yield a better return this year and save tons of money with expert advice on your most-asked tax preparation questions.      Should you hire a professional to do your taxes?    Which records should you keep, and which ones should you ditch?    Hidden deductions, credits and strategies that add up    The 3 best ways … [Read more...]

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