5 Top Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs‏, Odette Laurie

5 Top Income Tax Tips For Entrepreneurs My top 5 income tax planning tips for entrepreneurs to keep as much money as possible in your pockets after the tax man cometh! 1. Watch your revenues when you first start out. Once you earn over $30k gross in one year, you are required to register for HST. If you fail to register, CRA can deem you a registrant and hold you accountable to remit 13% of all monies you collected from that point onwards….even if you hadn’t charged HST. That’s … [Read more...]

Women of our World, OPRAH Shares – 2010 Tax Prep 101

      March 3, 2011   Tax Prep 101   Whether you have the information stored on your computer or in a shoebox, a new tax season can still leave you feeling unprepared. Yield a better return this year and save tons of money with expert advice on your most-asked tax preparation questions.      Should you hire a professional to do your taxes?    Which records should you keep, and which ones should you ditch?    Hidden deductions, credits and strategies that add up    The 3 best ways … [Read more...]

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