Ingrid Elfver – I DON'T WANT to be a Celebrity!

    Ingrid’s been asking:  “What does the word “Celebrity” mean to you?”   A lot of you have said you like the idea of being more well-known and making a bigger difference in the world. But a few of you have asked: “Why would someone want to be a celebrity in the first place?” Good question… So good, that it motivated me to stop reading YOUR emails on the subject, and write my own. I’m hoping that my ramblings (below) will inspire you to think bigger… and maybe get you to share some of … [Read more...]


  Ingrid Elfver's Personal Photos and Highlights from Ali Brown's Shine! Event 2010 The incredible view from our hotel room on the 39th floor of Trump Tower... loved the down comforter and pillows, plush robes and slippers, 24-hour service, and nurturing... The fabulous Ali Brown at VIP Party Blissing and feeling like a billion dollars... Robin Jay, Rachel Magario, and David “Dallas” Rivers Getting into a very long white limo on my way to a VIP Party at … [Read more...]

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