Ingrid Elfver’s Personal Photos and Highlights
from Ali Brown’s Shine! Event 2010

The incredible view from our hotel room on the 39th floor of Trump Tower…
loved the down comforter and pillows, plush robes and slippers,
24-hour service, and nurturing…

The fabulous Ali Brown at VIP Party

Blissing and feeling like a billion dollars…

Robin Jay, Rachel Magario, and David “Dallas” Rivers

Getting into a very long white limo on my way to a VIP Party at Tryst

David Sileman Garland of “Rise to the Top”

Lewis Howes, a LinkedIn Expert

Gorgeous restaurants with fantastic huge salads and fruit plates…


Robert Pafundi of Pafundi Law Firm and
Christy Dreiling of Star Touch Unlimited

Tryst party with more beautiful, empowered
women including Tania Usher

Gorgeous goddesses everywhere (and a few gorgeous men, too)

Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City with Ali Brown
on stage getting interviewed before her VIP book signing

Christy Dreiling of Star Touch Unlimited

Leaving Las Vegas heading back to Boulder, CO through the Rockies
(that’s a tinted window strip on top)

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