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Ingrid’s been asking:

 “What does the word “Celebrity” mean to you?”


A lot of you have said you like the idea of being more well-known and making a bigger difference in the world.

But a few of you have asked: “Why would someone want to be a celebrity in the first place?”

Good question…

So good, that it motivated me to stop reading YOUR emails on the subject, and write my own.

I’m hoping that my ramblings (below) will inspire you to think bigger… and maybe get you to share some of your secret desires (if you haven’t already).

I Want to Be a Celebrity
By M. Malatesta
I don’t know WHY I believe that I was born to change the world. I just do. Maybe I was born with it. Maybe it’s because my mother always told me I was special. Maybe it’s the Tony Robbins book (Unlimited Power) that I got on my 16h birthday. Maybe it’s America’s “can-do” culture filling my head with delusions of grandeur. Maybe it’s my destiny.

Honestly, I don’t think it matters WHY I believe it (that I’m destined to do great things). What matters is the simple fact that I DO.

Yes. I want to be rich and famous. And I want to change the world. I want to educate, inspire, and entertain millions of people with my words. I want to have so much money that I don’t have to think about money. I want to see the world (all that life has to offer). I want to be seen. And I want to cut to the front of the line.

I want to follow my flow and have creative freedom. I want to say what I feel without second-guessing myself. I want to travel and stay at 5-star hotels, go castle-hopping, and spend 6 months in Italy drinking wine and writing a 1-man play. I want standing ovations and lots of fan mail because that’s one of the ways I know I’m touching lives. I want to take more long walks with my soulful wife and get lost in her eyes. I want to spend more time in used bookstores, and in the rare books that I find there.

I want to eat at fabulous restaurants, and drive exotic cars and motorcycles. I want to fly first-class (every time). I want to see the best entertainment that the world has to offer, sit in the front row, and go backstage. I want to have the best continuing education (including coaches and mentors) that money can buy. I want to give people the gifts they want instead of the ones that I can afford. I want to be able to help every person I see, less fortunate than me.

I don’t want to worry about the economy. I don’t want to wake up (or fall asleep) thinking about money. I don’t want to choose work projects because they’re the most profitable instead of the most inspired. I don’t want to be obligated to anyone or anything. I don’t want to worry about my car insurance rates going up if I get in a car accident or get a speeding ticket. I don’t want to worry about having the best medical care when my wife or cats get sick. I don’t ever want to worry about someone struggling to take care of me if I ever need it.

I want to be everything that I was born to be. I want to develop all my gifts and talents… face (and overcome) all my fears. I want to move past the poverty that I was born into, and the limiting beliefs that came with it. I want to keep believing that who I am matters. And I want to live that way, every day. I want to go through this life, knowing that I did all I could to make my creator proud. I want to die knowing that none of the poems within me… died with me.

Finally, I want to surround myself with people who are just as willing to “put themselves out there” the way that I just did in this essay.


So, who else wants to be a celebrity?
Share your thoughts with us and…..


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