IFAW – Linky’s happy new home‏

"Although I saw Linky's photos before adopting her, I still burst into tears when I saw her (in person) and how extremely skinny and neglected she was! It broke my heart! The IFAW team really does amazing work and they are the little guardian angels for the poor animals out there!" - Linky's New Mom, Elanza Here's Linky now! Dearest Women of A Celebration of Women, I wanted to update you on the condition of Linky, the wonderful pup I recently told you … [Read more...]

IFAW – Mother Elephant dies comforting newborn calf, amazing!

  Mother elephant died after comforting her injured calf. Mother (right) crawled into ravine to comfort injured newborn calf (lower left). Badly injured baby elephant after daring rescue from ravine. Dear Catherine Anne, IFAW has just rescued a newborn elephant calf who was injured and trapped when he fell into a rocky ravine in northeast India. Sadly, the calf has lost his mother. She somehow navigated the perilous rocks and caves and reached her baby, but … [Read more...]

IFAW-Sheryl Fink: Baby Seals Shot,Clubbed off Newfoundland & Labrador‏

Seals pups are dying, and I need your help right now to stop the cruelty. This bloodied and suffering seal pup waved itsflipper over and over as the sealers continued piling hunted seals on theboat. HELP US END THIS CRUELTY The seal hunt has just begun off the coast of Newfoundland. Thanks to our caring supporters, IFAW's Seal Team is there documenting the cruelty, and they're heartbroken over what they're seeing. Here's a firsthand report from IFAW's Seal Campaign … [Read more...]

IFAW: What if YOU Were in Charge of the Seal Hunt? (Video)‏

Help save this year's generation of seal pups from a deadly double threat. Please help us save this year's seal pups.   Dear Catherine Anne &  A Celebration of Women, I know if YOU were in charge of the Canadian commercial seal hunt, you'd have the compassion and common sense to end it immediately. Of course, IFAW would too, and we're working tirelessly to expose the truth of the cruel hunt: Seal trade bans that IFAW helped win in the EU and many countries have caused the market … [Read more...]

IFAW is Taking Action for our world's little Russian Bears!

They could all be called "Lucky." That's because none of these five orphaned bear cubs would have survived the frigid Russian winter alone after their mothers had been killed by hunters. But all five were rescued, and as this adorable video shows, they are now being carefully raised at IFAW's Orphan Russian Bear Center. Russia's orphaned bear cubs and other animals need our help now. Please give today. With your support, the bears will continue to have food, shelter, expert care -- and … [Read more...]

Japan Update: Nuclear Uncertainty Hampers Relief Efforts‏

  Dear Catherine Anne & A Celebration of Women, I've heard from so many supporters who have been watching the situation in Japan and e-mailing me to ask what they can do to help the animal victims. Like you, IFAW is eager to help. Our Emergency Relief Team have had their bags packed since first learning of the incredible devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Unfortunately, we've had to delay our relief mission because of the ongoing radiation threat from the Fukushima … [Read more...]

Urgent action: The lives of seals and your tax dollars are at stake‏

SAVE the Seals of CANADA Speak out for seals today Dear Catherine Anne, Today is the International Day of Action for seals - a day to speak out against Canada's commercial seal hunt, the world's largest allowed slaughter of marine mammals. Our government would like us to think that the seal hunt that stains the ice off our East coast red with blood is an important economic industry. But we Canadians know better. We know that hundreds of thousands of seals die … [Read more...]

IFAW: Help 'Soni' and her friends….

Raja was only one month old when rescued. Will you help move him to a safe new home? Yes, I want to help! Please help me move Soni and her friends now. We are racing to move five elephants and two rhinos before the rainy season floods their road to freedom. The elephants and rhinos are at the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center near Kaziranga National Park in India, where we raise young, abandoned animals until they're ready to be released to the wild. Soni was only four months old - just a baby … [Read more...]

IFAW – Save the Koala!

  Help the animal survivors of Australia's devastating floods   Please help now   Tara the koala was injured and starving when found. She was lucky to be rescued, but many more animals still need us.It was like she was waiting to be rescued. When IFAW's Rescue Team pulled up, the koala didn't flinch from her roadside perch. Instead, she stayed there, and even let them pick her up.IFAW's veterinarian, Dr. Howard Ralph, found she was suffering from malnutrition, an injured wrist, and possible … [Read more...]

IFAW – Thank You!

        Happy New Year!   I am writing to you today to simply say "thank you" for all you do for animals. Whether you donated to IFAW to help a suffering animal, sent an e-mail to an official to demand animal-friendly laws, spread the word to your friends about the importance of protecting animals and their habitats, or helped animals in your own community - I can't thank you enough. Our lifesaving work depends on you - without your support we simply couldn't help the many animals we … [Read more...]

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