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Raja was only one month old when rescued. Will you help move him to a safe new home?
Yes, I want to help!

Please help me move Soni and her friends now.

We are racing to move five elephants and two rhinos before the rainy season floods their road to freedom.

The elephants and rhinos are at the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center near Kaziranga National Park in India, where we raise young, abandoned animals until they’re ready to be released to the wild.

Soni was only four months old – just a baby – when she first arrived at the rescue center. Her herd had entered a village’s crop fields and were chased away, but she was left behind in the chaos.

Angry villagers cornered poor Soni, then severely cut her trunk. The Forest Department then rescued her, but her injury was so severe that she was soon close to death.

The Forest Department called IFAW and our partners, Wildlife Trust of India. The IFAW-WTI veterinarians brought her to the rescue center to try to save her life. They succeeded, and two weeks later Soni was well enough to be introduced to two other baby elephants that had also been rescued.

Soni and her friends are now ready to be released to Manas National Park, a protected reserve and UN World Heritage Site.

But we must move quickly – before the monsoon rains arrive and turn the roads to Manas into mud.

If ever a group of animals deserve new homes, it’s these elephants and rhinos.

It’s up to you and me to make sure she can take those steps.

Our wildlife rescue center does an incredible job of raising young animals. They’re carefully treated for their injuries, and bottle-fed special nourishing formula. And when the expert staff is certain the animals are ready, they begin preparing to move them to the wild.

Please make your emergency donation today to help us move Soni and her adopted brothers and sisters before the rainy season makes the roads impassable.Your gift will be the gift of freedom to these young animals…it will help pay for the veterinary care, food and water, and special enclosures needed to move the animals…it will help care for the remaining wildlife and new arrivals to the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center…and will provide shelter, care, and safe homes for so many animals in IFAW projects around the world.your gift will help so much.

All were just babies like Soni – they were lost, orphaned, or injured when they were rescued and brought to our Wildlife Rescue Center.

Fifteen-day-old Tikla was trapped in a drainage pit, shaking with fear and clinging to life…Sikom was three months old when swept away by a flash flood and found wandering in a daze…Raja the rhino was only one month old when found alone in the woods.

I can’t imagine how frightened and lonely these baby animals must have felt.

Now Soni and her friends are ready to take her next steps to freedom.

For these five elephants and two rhinos, that time is now.

But we must hurry.

I hope I can count on you to come through for these elephants and rhinos.

They are so deserving, and

Gratefully,Please give today to help Soni and her friends and needy animals that desperately need us.

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Fred O’Regan

p.s. The rains may begin early, so we need to be prepared to move quickly. With your help, we’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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