IFAW is Taking Action for our world's little Russian Bears!

They could all be called “Lucky.”

That’s because none of these five orphaned bear cubs would have survived the frigid Russian winter alone after their mothers had been killed by hunters.

But all five were rescued, and as this adorable video shows, they are now being carefully raised at IFAW’s Orphan Russian Bear Center.

Russia’s orphaned bear cubs and other animals need our help now. Please give today.
With your support, the bears will continue to have food, shelter, expert care — and names!

That’s right – none of the bears have names…yet!That’s where you can help.

From now until Earth Day on April 22, IFAW is holding a Name an Orphaned Bear for Earth Day contest on our Facebook Causes page: the top 5 fundraisers will get the honor of being able to name an orphaned baby bear.

You don’t need a Facebook account to donate to help orphaned bears, but you do need one to enter the contest.

Entering the contest is easy– simply click the “Tell Friends” button on our Facebook Causes page to encourage all your family and friends to donate. Facebook will then automatically track their donations back to you.

Your fundraising efforts will help suffering animals around the world, and help us make sure these orphaned bear cubs receive all the care they need:

  • $25 will help provide one baby bear’s formula for two weeks;
  • $50 will help provide all the veterinary care for two bears for a whole month;
  • $75 will help provide one week of food for three adolescent bears.
As you can see in this video, these bears can drain a bottle of formula in record time. The caretakers nurse the bears six times a day to start, and as these bears grow, so will their appetite. So your donation will help us keep these bears strong and healthy, and will prepare them for life in the wild.

The Bear Center’s expert staff members are careful to raise the bears with as little human intervention as possible so that the bears don’t become too dependent on their human guardians. The bears are taught to forage for their own food, and once they’re ready, the bears are released back into protected wild forests.IFAW’s Orphan Russian Bear Center has released 150 bears back into the wild! With your help, these five baby bears will join them.

Thank you,

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Fred O’Regan


Fred O'Regan

PS. Thanks to IFAW’s relentless campaigning, Russia recently passed new hunting rules that will protect mother bears and their babies against the “den hunts” that orphan so many cubs like these five. Celebrate this victory with us by joining our Name an Orphan Bear for Earth Day contest today.

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