Healthy Tips: Maintain Proper pH Balance

The aspect of body PH is often overlooked. Most people do not know what body PH is all about. Medical reports reveal that a considerable percentage of body disorders are as a result of an imbalance in PH. It is therefore essential to ensure that everything necessary is done to keep the body PH adequately balanced. The recommended PH is 7.4. Anything below or above that line is considered an imbalance in body PH. So, is there a way that one can keep body PH balanced? Here are among others the … [Read more...]

“My Female Parts have Calcified” ~ Colin Winchester

  "My Female Parts have Calcified"   Appendix testes they’re called, the remnants of fetal Müllerian ducts, which in a female would develop into fallopian tubes and uterus. One is now a hard little ball bearing sitting near the top of my left testicle. It must be the way I have been living. Why else would it calcify? I’m sure it’s from lack of use, from frustration at being ignored, from my female parts feeling useless or just plain rejected. I force my masculine … [Read more...]

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