Manifesting Your Empowerment can be a Challenge

When tracking women's empowerment worldwide, organizations look at our economic participation, opportunity, political empowerment, educational attainment and health. However, being empowered from the perspective of government, social, media and business studies can be very different than when you talk to women at a grass root level. Where you live and quality of life found therein can make a huge difference as to whether you feel empowered. When I asked a group of women varying in age … [Read more...]

“My Female Parts have Calcified” ~ Colin Winchester

  "My Female Parts have Calcified"   Appendix testes they’re called, the remnants of fetal Müllerian ducts, which in a female would develop into fallopian tubes and uterus. One is now a hard little ball bearing sitting near the top of my left testicle. It must be the way I have been living. Why else would it calcify? I’m sure it’s from lack of use, from frustration at being ignored, from my female parts feeling useless or just plain rejected. I force my masculine … [Read more...]

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