Healthy Tips: Maintain Proper pH Balance

The aspect of body PH is often overlooked. Most people do not know what body PH is all about. Medical reports reveal that a considerable percentage of body disorders are as a result of an imbalance in PH. It is therefore essential to ensure that everything necessary is done to keep the body PH adequately balanced. The recommended PH is 7.4. Anything below or above that line is considered an imbalance in body PH.

So, is there a way that one can keep body PH balanced? Here are among others the highly recommended strategies of maintaining body PH balance:

Go For Organic Food

Medical reports confirm that genetically modified organisms can instigate issues with body PH. This is the simple fact that GMO substances bear chemicals that are not healthy for the body. Organic food, on the other hand, is considered natural and with no capacity to compromise the level of body PH. In this regard, regular intake of natural organic foods is recommended.

Consider More Veggies and Fruits

Regarding alkalinity, vegetables and fruits are considered ideal for the body. It is therefore essential to incorporate vegetables and fruits into the diet as that will go a long way in keeping body PH in a perfect balance. Some of the highly recommended vegetables and fruits include; kale, herbs, cabbage, almonds, strawberries, avocado, and blueberries among others. An added advantage that comes with such fruits is that most of them are organic hence with minimal chemicals.

Plenty of Water Daily

The need for water cannot be emphasized enough. First, it must be noted that human body operates majorly on water. The human body is made of 70% water. This fact is an indication that water is essential. What most people may not know is that body PH heavily relies on the amount of water in the body. In this regard, it is vital to consume plenty of water daily. Most importantly, it is crucial to take spring water or purified alkaline water, such as Qure Water. Such water is usually alkaline. 6-8 litres of water should be consumed daily, according to the nutritional recommendations.

Blend Acidic and Alkaline Food

The truth is that both acidic and alkaline food is vital to the body. This fact means that both acidic and alkaline diet must be balanced. It is significantly recommended that both acidic and alkaline food should be mixed when being cooked. That way, it becomes possible to keep body PH in a perfect balance. The most important thing is to avoid taking acidic and alkaline food in excess since that may compromise overall body health.

Take More Calcium

One of the essential minerals in the body is calcium. This is because calcium is in itself alkaline hence ideal for the body. The good thing is that there is a lot of substances that carry calcium naturally. The likes of banana, lemon, honey, sweet potatoes, and natural yogurt can bring body PH to a balance. Incorporating such in the diet will only make the body healthier.

The need to maintain a balanced body PH is something overly important. In this regard, adoption of the right nutrition habits is greatly recommended. Medics advocate for selection consumption of substances since that is the only way one can settle for the best. Natural food is highly recommended.

Thanks to Stav Sarandiev

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