Celebrating New Moon in Aries on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013‏

The New Moon in Aries takes place Wednesday morning in the US. It is spectacular! The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars will all be tightly conjunct in Aries. That's one hell of a lot of fire! Here are some ideas: New Moon in the 1st house – A new bold you! New Moon in the 2nd house – Hunting love or money. Audacious self esteem. New Moon in the 3rd house – Active mind. Walking the neighborhood. Think independently. New Moon in the 4th house – Lead the family. New Moon in the 5th house … [Read more...]

CharityVillage LIVE with Kori Brus from Good Works, Wednesday, January 16

Deconstructing Philanthropy: Writing - the least important, most important thing As a writer I've seen all of the frustration that comes part and parcel with the copywriting process. I've seen it as a client after receiving work that wouldn't pass a grade 10 English class. I've felt it while rewriting the work of paid professionals. And I've experienced it as a writer watching quality work wither under the weight of infinite edits because people valued having their say above the success of … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – This is not a week that will bore.

This is not a week that will bore. We've got a dramatic full moon in Leo early Friday morning. People are forging deep, long-lasting bonds with partners, romantic or otherwise, while others are coming up with the courage to cut negative, non-supportive people from their lives. Many are making innovations; fighting for a new start in their lives Thursday, the energy of the full moon in Leo dominates. Mars is involved so we're likely to see people make a show of their anger. This is not the … [Read more...]

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