ELSA P. – This is not a week that will bore.

This is not a week that will bore.
  • We’ve got a dramatic full moon in Leo early Friday morning.
  • People are forging deep, long-lasting bonds with partners, romantic or otherwise, while others are coming up with the courage to cut negative, non-supportive people from their lives.
  • Many are making innovations; fighting for a new start in their lives

Thursday, the energy of the full moon in Leo dominates. Mars is involved so we’re likely to see people make a show of their anger. This is not the worst thing in the world as Mars energy quickly perverts if deprived of overt expression.

Friday and Saturday, people get to work. Many have new ideas and they focus on manifesting them.
Busy work aside, a lot of energy will be given to relationships this week. Who can you get along with? How can you get along with them? Are you asking too much of someone or are you carrying a burden that is rightfully theirs?
In some cases, people will decide they can no longer deal with a person in their life and if you are cut out at this time (or if you cut someone out), it will most likely be permanent. People are simply realizing that resources (of all kinds) are limited so they will scale back on what they deem to be poor investments.
Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon is in Scorpio and very well supported. This works out well, with the underlying process this week being, Evaluate -> Weigh the information and decide -> Assimilate the shift on a deep level.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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