PAKISTAN: Celebrating Successful stories from the IFAD funded AJK

Pakistan: Successful stories from the IFAD funded AJK Community Development Program (AJK CDP) Kashmir Women Taking Action! Women in Kashmir suffer silently, Showkat A. Motta, OneWorld South Asia Women have borne the brunt of violence in the two decades of conflict in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir – raped, tortured, maimed and killed. Several studies have shown how uncaring authorities and societal norms have multiplied their woes. Srinagar: Month of … [Read more...]

IWCH – A Just and Healthy Life: Every WOMAN’S RIGHT: Action Alert!

The GOP majority in Congress has launched an assault on women’s health and rights.Their latest budget proposal would make unprecedented funding cuts to some of the most important women’s health programs and services. IWHC is deeply concerned about the potential negative effects on women’s health programming both here in the U.S. and abroad.Included among the programs on the chopping block are Title X (responsible for family planning funding in the United States), International Family Planning … [Read more...]

ADELE BUTLER – Women of Spirit: Reaching Out

  REACHING OUT     About four years ago, my boyfriend and I were passing the homeless youth shelter and we saw a young girl sitting on the steps outside. She looked hungry and tired and as if she had the whole world on her thin shoulders. She looked up and saw us. She called out to us, asking for help. The shelter was not yet open and probably not for several hours. Fortunately it was still light and the temperature was mild. My boyfriend gave her money so that she could buy something to … [Read more...]

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