Wow, incredible response! We’ve already exceeded our initial goal of 25,000 pledges, let’s supercharge our impact -- with 45,000 pledges, we can drive more misogynist politicians from office! Pledge now to massively boost the campaign! Violent and abusive men often use their power to obstruct reforms that would protect women. Incredibly, 260 Indian politicians charged with violence against women are fighting off a proposal to make them step down. Avaaz will collect donations only … [Read more...]

Kenya,1 Million Dads against Gender-based Violence

Celebrating Campaign to mobilize one million dads against gender-based violence kicks off in Kenya On a bright Sunday afternoon in July, over a thousand people gathered in Nairobi’s Arboretum Park to launch a campaign that will see one million men join the fight against gender-based violence in Kenya. Part of the UN Secretary-General’s Africa UNiTE Campaign, the 1 Million Fathers initiative will be engaging men in their roles as fathers, brothers, husbands and friends. The launch on 15 … [Read more...]

KAYLA: Canadian Burrowing Owl are disappearing – Take Action!

  You might know that the top threat to Canada's native wildlife and plants is habitat loss, but did you know the second most critical threat is invasive species? Burrowing owls look like little owls on stilts. They are 23-28 cm tall standing on long thin legs. The burrowing owl is unlike most owls in many ways: it lives in burrows in the ground, is active during the day, the female is smaller than the male, and its favourite foods are insects. Burrowing owls require open areas with low ground … [Read more...]

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