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You might know that the top threat to Canada’s native wildlife and plants is habitat loss, but did you know the second most critical threat is invasive species? Burrowing owls look like little owls on stilts. They are 23-28 cm tall standing on long thin legs. The burrowing owl is unlike most owls in many ways: it lives in burrows in the ground, is active during the day, the female is smaller than the male, and its favourite foods are insects.

Burrowing owls require open areas with low ground cover, existing burrows, and abundant food. They rely on holes in the ground made by ground squirrels, badgers, and foxes in which to make their nests. Unfortunately, some farmers regard animals as pests and kill them. With declining populations of these mammals, burrowing owls are unable to find suitable nesting sites. Furthermore, ground squirrels and foxes are often killed by poisoning and when burrowing owls feed on the carcasses of poisoned animals, they too are poisoned.Another threat that burrowing owls face is from “Carbofuron”, a pesticide used to kill grasshoppers in farm fields. Burrowing owls love to eat grasshoppers. When Carbofuran is applied in fields and the burrowing owls eat the poisoned grasshoppers, the insecticide accumulates in the owls’ bodies. Where Carbofuran is used within 50 metres of burrows, the affected owls produce 54 per cent fewer young than normal.

Because of these dangers, Canadian natives like the Burrowing Owl are disappearing before our eyes.

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When invasive species move in to an area, native species’ habitat can become unbalanced and unsupportive to their survival.

That’s why the Nature Conservancy of Canada not only buys wildlands to stop development, it works on the land to maintain it’s natural beauty and protect it from invasive species.

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