Wow, incredible response! We’ve already exceeded our initial goal of 25,000 pledges, let’s supercharge our impact -- with 45,000 pledges, we can drive more misogynist politicians from office! Pledge now to massively boost the campaign! Violent and abusive men often use their power to obstruct reforms that would protect women. Incredibly, 260 Indian politicians charged with violence against women are fighting off a proposal to make them step down. Avaaz will collect donations only … [Read more...]

Chang.org – Grief and fury‏

She was 23, with a marriage just months away. But two weeks ago, she was gang raped by six men, savagely beaten and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. This week, the still unnamed woman who has become “India’s daughter”, died of her injuries in hospital. Namita Bhandare knows the constant fear that goes with living in Delhi, nicknamed India’s “rape capital”. Like others, she long believed that nothing would change. But the outpouring of anger and sadness now has convinced her that this … [Read more...]

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