February 6 -March 1 June 7-July 1 October 4-October 25 This happens three or so times a year every year so we should know the best way to enjoy it or at least avoid some of the pitfalls. During this time Mercury, appears to be going backward and indeed it moves through an Astrological sign backward. Mercury rules the mind, mental processes and all forms of communication. I think for astrology students Mercury is not usually considered the most compelling planetary energy to … [Read more...]

BE the Difference

A New Message From VERONICA Be The Difference "Often while walking through a life, there can be defining moments that help your consciousness expand. Personal moments such as these, may be difficult to overcome. Recognizing that it is important to stay focused and that doing so can help ease the pressure one feels. If one also looks around them clearly, there are defining moments with the planet as well. Your presence on this sphere blends energetically with the earth, … [Read more...]

Ateliers-de-la-Terre, The Global Conference – JUNE 4.5.6

  The Earth Workshops - The Global Conference Presentation   The Global Conference - International Forum for Sustainable Development is an international conference which meets annually makers committed to sustainable development.   The Global Conference brings together each year for three days nearly 900 players from more than 65 countries involved in the change to a sustainable society. Business leaders, government officials, NGOs, governments, intellectuals, … [Read more...]

Elsa, ‘dealing with shadows and the dark side of life’

I spend a lot of time dealing with shadows and the dark side of life. It's been this way all my life. I deal with shadows in my personal life and I deal with shadows in the lives of my clients. I like this work. I often tell people that I work in a "dirty grave". That's a riff off a lyric by the late, Doug Bennett: "I get so tired of working knee-deep in this dirty grave." Doug was a double Scorpio, may his soul rest in peace. I don't get tired though. I think a … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Hope on an Autumn Day

    " Although it may be desirable, you can’t win every race or beat your competitor every time. But never lose hope that the next success may be yours. " — Crystal Tate     There is a bittersweet quality that permeates the air in September. In the northern hemisphere, we say our reluctant goodbyes to summer. When September rolls around there is something in our early programming that kicks in. We gear up for all of the activities associated with fall. Kids return to school and we … [Read more...]

In God of All Creation, James Robison

In God of All Creation, James Robison recalls many of the life lessons he has learned from his little dachshund, as well as other animals he has observed in nature. James shares that animals have shown him “expressions of God’s love, lessons of His grace, warnings about sin and other eternal truths.” James’ spiritual thoughts and insights can help you learn to hear God’s voice, submit to Him and trust Him for your every need.     Here’s what others have said about God of … [Read more...]

History of Humanity – 2012 What does it mean?, Angela Schulz-Henke

2012 -What does it mean? What have you heard about 2012 and what is your attitude towards it? Are you afraid or are you full of joy and excitement?   There is a lot of information concerning 21st of December 2012, but not all of it is right. Truth is that this date is a sensitive point of galactic extent, as we are in the middle of changes like the disintegration of the economic, financial, political and social systems we know. The Earth is in turmoil because we humans … [Read more...]


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Planetworkshops, The Global Conference 2012 – Registrations will close on July, 31st

The 7th edition of the GLOBAL CONFERENCE  will be held on September 26th,27th and 28th, 2012               Evian, France         Register now  "Age of Co-construction of Triumph of Competition?"     The Planetworkshops is an international and independent Think Tank which analyses contemporary and future challenges for a sustainable development. Its vocation is to challenge the life of ideas, encourage intellectual innovation and produce expertise to accompany the long … [Read more...]

Angelique is Taking Action sharing earth’s deepest cleansing secret!

  Aloha Angels! :) Here's the story behind the webinar I have been talking about these past few days.... (If you missed it, it’s happening for the last time here below...) right here :) This guy, (we'll call him Mr. S to preserve his privacy) , was walking along the Sea shore some 40 years ago. He noticed something peculiar. There was a huge tree growing out of a rock on the Sea shore, where nothing else would normally grow. Out of a rock next to the ocean. … [Read more...]

Shirlee Hall: Sharing Knowledge Newsletter‏, April 2011

FLYING FREE!     I believe everyone desires to be free. The trouble lies in not understanding what freedom is. In my opinion, I will tell you what it is not. Freedom has absolutely nothing to do with manipulation of others, laws, events, countries or consciousness. Freedom is sorely lacking in our court system, medical profession, schools, home or anywhere else for that matter on this planet. I am speaking of the type of freedom that occurs and manifests through a realized soul, an awakened, … [Read more...]

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