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This happens three or so times a year every year so we should know the best way to enjoy it or at least avoid some of the pitfalls. During this time Mercury, appears to be going backward and indeed it moves through an Astrological sign backward.

mercuryMercury rules the mind, mental processes and all forms of communication.

I think for astrology students Mercury is not usually considered the most compelling planetary energy to delve deeply as a study,.. After all it can seem just as a function or facility which enables us to study .. Well perhaps it’s underrated as a primary provider! Mercury is how we process information.. It’s how we edit what we focus on out of all the impersonal solar data that is d irected towards us. Its it the electricity that runs through our nervous system. The current that makes functions like muscle movement possible.. We all have mercury in a sign which involves a particular element and modality describing our communication and conscious thinking styles but ,we are not limited by those qualities in that we all can develop our minds and in-fact be the master of them.

How can grow in consciousness? How do we make the shift in our thinking?

As astrologer’s, we study the birth chart but we can not tell how the person lives this chart. This is predicted by state of consciousness .. Only we determine what that will be for ourselves. When Mercury is retrograde at birth the self tends to be interested in a personal consciousness as great or greater than their interest in other people and the world. Mental growth is even more important than external success. During Mercury retrograde the rest of us have an opportunity to identify with such a mental attitude! Perhaps the key is to appreciate this ability or potential within our lives. Maybe this is the time right now to officiate your own connecting to the inner world. That is where the shift of any magnitude has to happen.

left brainThe retrograde period is generally a time of mental introversion. it’s a polarity shift we are impacted by.. So, mercury retrograde is so helpful to those of us that really need to grow. It is the best time to communicate with our inner self, inner voice , in other words create more space in our minds for what ever our life is ready to learn. Usually we function in the real world from our left brain which is logical, practical, rational. Our right brain controls intuition, art, spirituality and creativity. When Mercury goes retrograde imagine these two sides of our brain reversing! This is a fine time to draw on knowledge and guidance from deeper levels of consciousness. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness .

During the retrograde period it is especially helpful to be mindful of the many things that Mercury rules . Those things are effected by the electromagnetic shifts as well. Since Mercury rules communication, mental activity and traveling we should be more careful to check details and have patience with communication devices going haywire. Often all of our communications and projects seem delayed by circumstance or confusion. Maybe leave extra time to get where you are going as well.


Use Mercury retrograde periods to complete unfinished and often long neglected projects. You can reflect on old issues in a new way from which new perspectives can be developed. This can be a very good time for introspection and meditation, seeing old friends, and creative endeavors. This period is best used for re-organizing and reflecting.

Catch up with things that have been left undone. This is a great period to re-think and re-connect.

If you would like to know about your natal Mercury’s sign, house and aspects email and more about your natal moon, email me at and I will send that to you.

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