18 BLOGS EXTOLLING THE VIRTUES OF LAUGHTER FOR YOUR HEALTH LOL, everyone knows that stands for “Laugh out loud”. Hopefully when you type lol you really are laughing out loud because the benefits of laughter are far reaching. Laughter comes easily to children and they tend to laugh at least 20 times more than adults do every day. As an adult you need to make yourself laugh more to benefit your health and well-being. It doesn’t matter if the laughter is real or fake, the body doesn’t know … [Read more...]

Pain Intervention: The Therapeutic Power of Touch

Treating cancer is often an invasive process. Chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgery are generally painful, and can leave someone who is already feeling weak even more fatigued and exposed to greater amounts of pain. Whether you are battling lung cancer, leukemia or mesothelioma you will likely benefit from incorporating pain management techniques to your cancer treatment program. Massage therapy is one type of treatment that uses the power of touch to enhance wellness and healing while … [Read more...]

The PAIN Relief World SUMMIT – Oct. 3, 2011, Register Here FREE !!!

The PAIN Relief World SUMMIT OCTOBER 3, 2011   Everyone experiences physical pain from time to time. Unfortunately, some people suffer with chronic pain. My beloved grandfather was one of them. I wish I knew then what I know now ... Imagine a world where physical pain could no longer harm you. Where migraines, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, or the 10 years of post- shingles pain my “Poppy” lived with could no longer wreak havoc in a family’s life. And … [Read more...]

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