JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month – Nancy Harris Bonk

  The National Headache Foundation has declared that June is officially Migraine Awareness Month. There are plenty of exciting activities for us to spread the word and bring more awareness to Migraine disease and headache disorders. The theme of the month is "help make Migraines visible." Happy Migraine Awareness Month June 1 marks the kickoff of Migraine Awareness Month: Help Make Migraines Visible. By expanding our efforts from one week to a month-long event, the NHF has been … [Read more...]

The PAIN Relief World SUMMIT – Oct. 3, 2011, Register Here FREE !!!

The PAIN Relief World SUMMIT OCTOBER 3, 2011   Everyone experiences physical pain from time to time. Unfortunately, some people suffer with chronic pain. My beloved grandfather was one of them. I wish I knew then what I know now ... Imagine a world where physical pain could no longer harm you. Where migraines, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, or the 10 years of post- shingles pain my “Poppy” lived with could no longer wreak havoc in a family’s life. And … [Read more...]

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