5 Signs You’re Settling for Less Than You Deserve

Make room in your life for what you really deserve instead of settling for a comfortable compromise. Join her on a journey to forgiveness. Some years ago, I was shopping and came upon a beautiful red dress. The color, style and length were perfect. But the store didn't have it in my size. It did, however, have the same dress in navy, which I wasn't crazy about. Then I noticed a pair of blue shoes nearby that complemented that blue dress. (I didn't love those, either.) So what did I do? I … [Read more...]

Maya Angelou passes on at 86

Maya Angelou -- one of America's most famous poets -- died last night in a Winston-Salem, North Carolina hospital while recovering from a mystery sickness. Angelou was recovering from an "unexpected ailment" that sent her to the hospital. She died with family by her side. In a Facebook post yesterday, she said doctors had advised her not to travel ... forcing her to cancel a planned trip to Houston ... where Maya was to be honored Friday with the Beacon of Life Award at Major League … [Read more...]

Presidential Medal of Freedom celebrates 50 Years!

President Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients 2013 Marks 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Establishment of the Presidential Medal of Freedom     WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama named sixteen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United … [Read more...]

You Date Who You Are!

We date at the level of our self-esteem. Your relationship is a direct reflection of your own self-love and self-worth. A lot of TDL (TheDailyLove.com) Seekers have written in saying that they are in a relationship (dating, marriage, etc.) with someone who they really are into, but they are not getting their needs met. They keep asking me how they have to change to keep the relationship going. Let me be clear - the only way we should have to change is to be more authentically ourselves. … [Read more...]

Somaly Mam – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is honored to Celebrate the Life of this woman, one that has risen above one of our planet's most horrific inhumanities to woman; sexual slavery and human trafficking. Using her experience and survival skills, this powerhouse now devotes her life to the freedom of all young women and girls to speak out fearlessly, shamelessly to STOP THE VIOLENCE Against Women and Girls.       WOMAN of ACTION™     Somaly … [Read more...]

Maya Angelou – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated and inspired to Celebrate the Life of one of our world's most experienced in life, reborn and enlightened women through this celebratory Tribute, a woman that today devotes her life to the betterment of others.     WOMAN of ACTION™     Maya Angelou "I Believe each of us comes from the Creator trailing wisps of Glory."             Maya Angelou (pron.: /ˈmaɪ.ə ˈændʒəloʊ/, born … [Read more...]

Tory Burch – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this par excellence in creativity and proven generosity, a self-made woman entrepreneur that built her own global dynasty, inside one our world's toughest industries, FASHION. She is truly an inspiring figure, proving that one does not need to go through suffering just to make their mark in history. Her MANTRA: "Just be the best at what you love doing, and you will eventually be given an opportunity to be the person of … [Read more...]

Debbie Ford – WOMAN of ACTION™ *Tribute

  A Celebration of Women™ is inspired to Celebrate the Life of one of our world's greatest minds, mother, award winning author, an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation, a humanitarian, a philanthropist and a WOMAN.   Today, we send our love in remembrance of this awakened feminine soul.       WOMAN of ACTION™     Debbie Ford In Memoriam... 1955 - 2013 Debbie Ford died at home in San Diego on February 17th, … [Read more...]

Oprah – Emmy® Award-Winning Series with Panache Desai, FEB 24

Were excited to announce that our dear friend and VividLife.me contributor will be a guest of Oprah Winfrey on our favorite show Super Soul Sunday !!! Oprah Winfrey with contemporary thought leader Panache Desai to discuss the 'transformative power of energy'. During his conversation with Oprah, Panache shares step-by-step advice on how we can change our lives by shifting our energy. Discover Panache's enlightening approach on how to heal from life's challenges as he explains the hidden causes … [Read more...]

Seduction of Spirit | Meditation and Yoga Retreat: October 23–29, CA.

Seduction of Spirit | Meditation and Yoga Retreat October 23–29 | Estancia Hotel & Spa | La Jolla, California This October, the Chopra Center’s Seduction of Spirit meditation and yoga retreat, led by founder Deepak Chopra, M.D., will feature guest speaker Marianne Williamson, an internationally renowned spiritual leader and best-selling author. Seduction of Spirit has been one of the Chopra Center’s most popular events for more than a decade, and now for the first time, … [Read more...]

care2 ~ WIN a TRIP to meet OPRAH !!!

[Read more...]

A Vaccine for Breast Cancer? – Naomi Barr, O The Oprah Magazine

    A Vaccine for Breast Cancer?     By Naomi Barr O, The Oprah Magazine |     Photo: Levi Brown     A potential vaccine has made headlines, but researchers still must prove that it will work in women. Imagine if you could reduce or even eliminate your risk for breast cancer with just the prick of a needle. You may have heard about a new vaccine with the potential to stop many breast tumors in their tracks. But is the buzz warranted? Human clinical trials to test the vaccine's … [Read more...]

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