VERONICA – Fear & Loathing in the Physical Realm

A Message From VERONICA Fear & Loathing in the Physical Realm "To become part of the physical experience it is necessary to focus intensely upon the moment. A time line unfolds before you as you proceed upon creating a reality. The plans are in place but often a deviation occurs placing the energy in the path of alienation from the core energy from which they came. This occurrence is easily magnified and embellished by dramatic creations. It is important to take … [Read more...]

Shirlee Hall ~ Spiritual Master: ‘Are You Depressed?’

    ARE YOU DEPRESSED?     People who live in two worlds are at an advantage because it becomes clear to us what works and what does not. Living in such a way has been my reality since a young adult. To be able to vibrate, feel, see, hear and travel in the dimensions of Radiant Light and know what is real and what is not may be at times a lonesome journey. I normally have an even state of mind and am genuinely happy. The powerful energy is sustained as a … [Read more...]

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