VERONICA – Fear & Loathing in the Physical Realm

A Message From VERONICA

Fear & Loathing in the Physical Realm

“To become part of the physical experience it is necessary to focus intensely upon the moment. A time line unfolds before you as you proceed upon creating a reality. The plans are in place but often a deviation occurs placing the energy in the path of alienation from the core energy from which they came. This occurrence is easily magnified and embellished by dramatic creations.

It is important to take notice of the embracement of drama and its ability to spiral into more complicated predicaments. It is at that point where the dread of continuance can cause severe depression and immobility. This overwhelming experience puts the souls of many in jeopardy due to the lack of movement in their energy.

To remedy this moment it is necessary to pause in the linear creation your are experiencing. Attempt to stop the unnecessary chatter in your head while focusing on a quite moment connection with your energy.

If it appears impossible, it is imperative to provide for yourself the silence. If you have the time to be miserable indeed you have the time to reconnect to your soul.

It’s your choice. However, to continue in the turmoil will only result in more of what you find yourself in now.

Take the opportunity….. find the silence. It’s quite alright to do it your own way. Just do it.

It’s never going to be too late but the tardiness of your evolution will be noticed…. by you.

It is not required to be dissatisfied with your evolvement. It is not required to fear the moment. Fear can be conquered with mere eye to eye engagement. Fear will slink away by a mere glance of your internal energy. Yes it will.

Find the silent moment void of fear. Your distaste for the physical will recede and your eternal energy will emerge. Remember to keep linear chatter at bay. See what occurs.”



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