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People who live in two worlds are at an advantage because it becomes clear to us what works and what does not. Living in such a way has been my reality since a young adult. To be able to vibrate, feel, see, hear and travel in the dimensions of Radiant Light and know what is real and what is not may be at times a lonesome journey. I normally have an even state of mind and am genuinely happy. The powerful energy is sustained as a direct result of an inner peace and a strong yet subtle intimacy with the Sacred that is my dearest love, companion, healer, protector and guide.

Something happened last week that I had not consciously planned. I was aware of being out of my body and traveling at a speed beyond human recognition to a destination that I intimately refer to as my real home. You may or may not be aware that there is an unspoken distance limitation to an out of body experience when still connected to a physical form. It is unwise to go beyond a certain point in manifestation because the connection to the physical body can be severed. I was approaching that point and was intercepted. A discussion ensued where I firmly presented my intention. A Being strongly urged me not to continue because of the commitment I had made during this earth cycle to the creatures of earth and to the energy of our planet.

With great sadness and reluctance I turned again to earth. On the return journey I briefly met my mother in the realm of light closest to earth encouraging me to continue. I cried periodically for two days after I reentered the energy of earth and the prison of flesh. It was not the pending anniversary of 911 that triggered the sorrow but the fact that collective humanity hates and kills each under the pretence of Principle, is chillingly nonchalant in destroying lesser life forms and constantly abuses our precious planet.

Two days of grief aligned me with the sorrow that is felt by millions of people whose freedom throughout history has been stolen through ignorance, falsity, cruelty and negligence. I understood what it felt like to be sorely depressed and not wishing to live in matter. Many souls are experiencing severe depression and some are in denial regarding their sense of separation from the Source. They smile on the outside but are dying a slow death within. To pretend all is well when obviously it is not is a grave injustice directed toward the life of the Spirit.

I realize how my sojourn in matter has been filled with grace as my own story unfolds. Firsthand experiences with the luminous ones, the angels and archangels, beings of purity, wisdom and mastery have been my earthly mainstay year after year. Loving support has helped me understand and feel a genuine compassion for the people who are not yet awaken to the divine within them. It is a direct result of this expansive and mystical view that I am able to connect from the heart center with people all over the world.

The workshops I create are unusual. Eventually, the love and heightened energy lead the souls who attend to their Real Self, the important Self, which has been basically ignored or abused during the physical life experience. The sacredness of the energy of the First Substance, the Holy Spirit, and the Luminous Beings that are in attendance never cease to amaze me. They desire to help a humanity who has collectively lost the Way.

People ask what can they do to change old patterns. it is time to change your mind, open your heart, be genuine and actually live as a magician who works moment by moment in the laboratory of an elevated consciousness. It can be done. Soul evolution takes more than faith; it requires an entirely different mindset that is a combination of science and love, discipline and action.

Do you resonate to what you just read? Or, are you planning to continue living in the muck and mire of the illusion created as a byproduct of spiritually ignorant and dark manipulators directed at trusting souls for thousands upon thousands of years? It is completely up to you.

Finding the Spiritual God Within

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