Glendon James on Sax – July 18 in Toronto, Canada

The Eaton Chelsea Hotel in Monarchs - Glendon James As Canada's largest hotel with 1,590 rooms and a business operating in a large community such as Toronto, the Eaton Chelsea, Toronto recognizes and respects its corporate social responsibility ensuring that our quest for sustainable solutions continue to grow and evolve. In these days of economic uncertainty, one thing is for sure – the Eaton Chelsea, Toronto never compromises the need for sustainable initiatives and always considers the … [Read more...]

“I love to Celebrate Freedom in whatever context”, Somi

“I love to celebrate freedom in whatever context”, says Somi, an American singer/songwriter of Rwandan and Ugandan descent. She spent much of her young life, first in Zambia, then in many other African countries while working for an aid organization for children orphaned by AIDS. These experiences-and her Afro-American duality-are aptly exploited in her songs. Blessed with an exceptional voice covering a four-octave range, Somi is an artist in the pure tradition of great black Jazz singers. … [Read more...]

Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) is celebrated all April !!!

Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) is a music festival held every April in the United States, in honor of jazz as an original American art form. JAM was created by John Edward Hasse, PhD, curator of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), a global celebration to advance recognition of jazz as America’s original music. JAM was launched by the National Museum of American History. Jazz Appreciation Month pays tribute to jazz as both a historic … [Read more...]

De-Stress… Don’t Think!‏

De-Stress… Don’t Think!‏   How long has it been since you put on a good pair of headphones, dialed up some smooth jazz(any music without words will do) and just listened to the music? Or is music something that just plays in the background? You know it's there because every once in a while your thoughts get tired and they stop working just long enough for you to notice the music - that doesn't last long either - then it's back to doing the laundry, taking the car to get gas, or as … [Read more...]

David Cox is Taking Action in Theatre for Young People!

  A Celebration of Women is very excited to share the contribution to our Youth. David Cox, is an amazing dancer, wonderful humanitarian and all round great guy!   He presents to the Women of our World ...working with children. i think i can   Celebrating 45 years of Young People's Theatre! i think i can, LKTYP’s Dora Award winning smash-hit, returns on April 4 for a limited 4 week engagement on our Mainstage!  i think i can utilizes red-hot 'urban' tap dance to tell the story of a young … [Read more...]

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