WOMAN of ACTION™ – Lorre White

A Celebration of Women™ is honored to share in the Celebration of the Life of this Woman, a Spirited Soul that devotes her Life to the enlightenment that Heaven on Earth is a not only a Possibility' but, is a Reality. This Reality is not for the meek or weak; it is for those individuals that have the Fearless Enlightenment to achieve, live in Manifested Abundance, and Succeed LIVING a LIFE in LUXURY.  WORTHINESS is Lorre's FORTE, and we are excited to share just how she accomodates, … [Read more...]

A Miracle Cancer Cure…One Woman’s Journey in Recovery

  Carol Patterson       A Miracle Cancer Cure…One Woman’s Journey   A miracle cancer cure occurred after Carol Patterson decided to seek alternative treatment and holistic cancer cures when plagued with cancer the second time. Traditional therapy of Chemotherapy and Radiation had depleted her body and immune system. She devised an "Anti-Cancer Diet" of anti-oxidant foods and supplements and also used a thought-changing process to release emotional blocks which contributed to … [Read more...]

Louise Hay – Taking Action!

NEW!  4-Color Gift Edition of Dr. Wayne Dyer's international bestseller,  The Power of Intention   Join us on Facebook for the Intention Challenge! Each week, we will give you tips on how to put Intention to work in your daily life. Challenge yourself—and your friends and family—to co-create your world your way and propel yourself toward fulfilling your dreams! Start now » Wayne Dyer's all-time best-selling book is now available in a beautifully … [Read more...]

Tanya Dunn/Dee Dussault – Harvest of Healing Arts, October 9, 2010 *Toronto, Canada

  Harvest of Healing Arts  Healing-arts Party in Celebration of the Autumn Harvest!   This Celebration Soiree will show-case a myriad of quality alternative, traditional, holistic, natural, and transformative ways to approach healing and health! Over twenty practitioners will be offering mini-treatments in a variety healing modalities, such as.... *Acupuncture *Chiropractic *Christ Consciousness Healing *Cupping (Chinese Medicine) *Herbology, Iridology & Quantec … [Read more...]

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