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 4-Color Gift Edition of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s international bestseller,

 The Power of Intention


Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer - The Power of Intention, Gift Edition
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image The Power of Intention
image Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way
Wayne Dyer’s all-time best-selling book is now available in a beautifully illustrated 4-color Gift Edition!
Read a Chapter »Watch this video of Wayne talking about Intention, as seen on public television.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. This beautiful gift edition of Wayne’s international bestseller explores intention—not as something we do—but as an energy we’re a part of. We’re all intended here through the invisible power of intention—a magnificent field of energy we can access to begin co-creating our lives!
Part I deals with the principles of intention, offering true stories and examples showing how to make the connection. Wayne identifies the attributes of the all-creating universal mind of intention as kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant, and receptive, emphasizing the importance of emulating this source of creativity.
Part II contains an intention guide with specific ways to apply the co-creating principles in daily life.
Part III is an exhilarating description of Wayne’s vision of an individual connected at all times to the universal mind of intention.
The 4-color Gift Edition of The Power of Intention

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In this excerpt from The Power of Intention

, Wayne tells us how this book came to be:
The Power of Intention, and all of the information it contains, was once a formless idea residing in the invisible domain of the field of intention. It was intended into the material world by applying all of the principles written about within its pages. I managed to make my own vibrational energy match up to the all-creating Source, and allowed these words and ideas to flow through me directly to you. This book is evidence that anything we can conceive of in our minds—while staying in harmony with the universal all-creating Source—can and must come to pass.
If you’d like to know how this book might impact you and how you might think, feel, and co-create after reading and applying its messages, I encourage you to read the final chapter, A Portrait of a Person Connected to the Field of Intention [click here to read], before beginning this journey. You and everyone else, as well as all of life, emanated from the universal all-creating field of intention. Live from that perspective, and you will come to know and apply the power of intention. You have an endless stream of green lights before you! Signature


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