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is honored to share in the Celebration of the Life of this Woman, a Spirited Soul that devotes her Life to the enlightenment that Heaven on Earth is a not only a Possibility’ but, is a Reality. This Reality is not for the meek or weak; it is for those individuals that have the Fearless Enlightenment to achieve, live in Manifested Abundance, and Succeed LIVING a LIFE in LUXURY. 


and we are excited to share just how she accomodates, advocates, educates, organizes and manages the… Lives of these Brave Souls … the Ultra Rich! 

..a Lifestyle that most people don’t live,  for it is most human’s Greatest Fear in Life

…. Success!




Lorre White

 Lorre was born and raised in Virginia.


While attending a prestigious prep boarding school in Richmond,

Lorre simultaneously worked with modeling agencies in New York and Chicago.



If that wasn’t enough on her plate,

 she was president of the Lenten Committee,

 a program that allowed her the opportunity to teach at an elementary school in Port au Prince, Haiti. `



I was fascinated to find out that, while continuing her modeling career and attending Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts,

 Lorre obtained her Series 7 License by syndicating thoroughbred horses as an intern.



This allowed her to attain one of the sought-after positions on Wall Street quickly after her undergraduate career. Unfulfilled by working in the Stock Market, Lorre leveraged her high profile Wall Street connections to found Bullish Events, an event marketing and planning agency with clients that ran the gamut from the NFL to American Express, among others.


Lorre’s Aptitude for Gaining is Enormous;

her Aptitude for Giving Back is even vaster… 

I was very impressed by the unique gift-giving program she created that was not only noticed by the top tier of society that was her client base, but also helped needy children. Her idea to assist sick and/or improvised children on behalf of her prestigious clients tapped into the hearts of these CEO’s and helped bring back the true idea and meaning of Christmas.



 Lorre answered heartbreaking letters from children; in one particular case she gave $1,500 worth of towels and toys to one young child who only wanted a towel so he didn’t have to share the single towel the rest of his family of seven had to use.



Then using a different theme every year, such as a hand crafted and painted genie’s bottle filled with sand, confetti and corked with a starfish held on by a satin ribbon with the message “you just unleashed the MacPherson gene onto the world and granted a child’s wish” ; and Cartier boxes, donated personally by their client Cartier, with the message “The only thing brighter than a Cartier diamond is the smile on a Child’s face at Christmas“.

Lorre would hand deliver a copy of the child’s letter along with a letter from SeaGate (MacPherson Travel) informing the client of the donation made on their behalf.

 “I was informed by the assistant of one CEO that our gift was the only present he opened.

Everything else he gave away to his Top Management Team without even looking at it.”

Creating a situation where everyone, from the clients to her own employees, reap the rewards made Lorre White the type of person the elite wanted to do business with.



As Lorre’s career and reputation grew, so did her glittering circle of friends and colleagues. Lorre annually attends the Monaco Ball, Paris Ball, Art Basel, Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show, amongst other international events.



Being an Amazing Connector, she opened her home in Georgica, East Hampton to the luminaries of business and high society within her personal network of C-level executives, celebrities and royals. Run much like a high end hotel, Lorre arranged sessions with a personal trainer, personal yoga sessions, massage sessions, hosted cocktail parties, had gourmet dinner’s prepared for her visitors, and would sometimes surprise her guests with a feast she specially prepared herself. None of the prominent men and women could forget the incomparable personal touch she put into each and every aspect of taking care of her guests.



For Warren Buffet’s and Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJet and their partner Marquis,

Lorre marketed the most expensive luxury item in the world to the wealthiest tier of customers.


Lorre with Warren Buffet, all smiles….


As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, she created the wildly successful M-Club, advancing the unparalleled opulence of their $60 million Boeing Business Jets-replete with 2 bedrooms, marble bathrooms with showers, flat screen satellite televisions, and high speed in-flight internet connections.



After establishing the M-Club Lorre created its collateral, oversaw its marketing, advertising and selling, and filled the pipelines for its sales force. Lorre became the ambassador to the company and its crown jewel product by sponsoring galas, and through her attendance at luxury and charity events. Lorre’s work generated a halo effect that increased profits through the interaction of the component parts of the marketing effort.



WEBSITE: http://www.whitelightconsulting.net/

pdf-BIO: www.whitelightconsulting.net/lorrewhites_bio.pdf


Lorre’s latest creation is White Light Consulting, a luxury consulting firm.Step into the lightshe tells me with an engaging smile, dimples gleaming. I ask her about the meaning behind the name, besides the obvious. “White light means integrity. (As the President of White Light Consulting), our intent is to only work with people who have integrity.” This idea ties into the idea of luxury because? “True luxury is not having to deal with people you don’t want to. ” White light is also a prism, an accumulation of all the colors of the rainbow. White Light Consulting will be an accumulation of all of Lorre’s talents, talents so unique that even other consulting companies have retained her. White Light Consulting will be the diplomat to the upper echelon of society, creating the feeling of luxury, class and style that Lorre so effortlessly spins in her own life.


“You never lower yourself “.



Creating memorable experiences for this exacting clientele gave Lorre a special understanding of elite marketing: people with unlimited financial resources are unaffected by traditional approaches to luxury; they must be reached emotionally, in holistic ways.



Lorre continued her internationally momentous rise to the top by taking a luxury corporate travel agency from the nation’s 188th largest to being among the top 10. During her tenure at Sea Gate Travel, (formerly MacPherson) Lorre utilized strategic acquisitions to transform this credible but quiet business into a powerhouse of luxury travel that grew to over 600 employees in size.


She orchestrated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of corporate travel for global brands, including league travel for the entire NBA, the NHL and the MBL, and was instrumental in launching the NBA’s own airline. She has personally escorted the United States Dream Team for several Olympic summer games, accompanied Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Charles Barkley, Stephan Marbury and other Dream Team athletes and their families on successful exhibition tours of Europe, Mexico, Australia, Greece and Monaco, and the NBA season openers in Japan.



With clients like the White House using the company’s charter division, and with her many expeditions abroad, Lorre is no stranger to foreign culture or diplomacy. One penetrating attribute of her skill set, and the primary reason for heading a business development division at Sea Gate is an acute, intuitive ability to identify a target and understand exactly how to infiltrate it and open the right door. Once inside, her talent for high touch marketing, kept clients both as business associates and as friends.

In a nutshell,


Lorre White has become the luxury guru for the ultra high net worth  individuals. Her website the Luxury Guru has acquired a wealthy  international following. Lorre White’s site is not aimed at the  aspirational consumer but the already arrived UHNW. They trust her and  her recommendations as she has built her credibility and trust over the  years. She has the background, experience and the competence to talk  about the matter.

Ms White has had years of experience in private aviation from SeaGate  Travel. She is credited as being one of the creators of NBA Airline  which is used by the White House staff and reporters. She has been head  of global marketing for NetJets/Marquis Jets BBJ program and also  offered her expertise as a luxury marketing consultant to many luxury  brands including several private jet companies. In fact, she emerged as  an expert in the luxury private aviation field.

Lorre White’s fans and followers are predominantly very wealthy. They  have an interest in learning about the best luxuries in every  category.  They trust The Luxury Guru, Lorre White to do the collecting  of interesting and informational articles about luxury that is  specifically relevant to their UHNW wants/needs.


Her luxury blog is  unique and has the trust of the wealthy.


LORRE has joined the world of YouTube; here is an Interview with owner, of Newel Gallery – Wicker .
This is 1 in a 12 video podcast series on iTunes LUXURY CHANNEL with Lewis Baer the owner of Newel (the country’s largest prestige Antique store) by Lorre White, The Luxury Guru. Heywood Wakefield – Wicker.



A Celebration of Women™

sends our blessings and gratitude to this generous and powerful Woman.




Brava Lorre! 



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