In-Laws watching Your Kids, ugh?

How to Politely Decline Your In-Laws’ Repeated Attempts to Watch the Kids You may have a wonderful partner who’s also a great parent, but that doesn’t always mean that you have the same trust when it comes to letting your in-laws babysit. There are a plethora of reasons why some parents aren’t comfortable with the idea of leaving their kids alone with the in-laws, and it’s not always the sort of situation you can discuss with your partner in a calm and productive manner. If your in-laws are … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION – Tia Starr

A Celebration of Women is elated to Celebrate the Life of yet another WOMAN of ACTION. This Gal will educate you, inspired you and share with the Women of our World the techniques she has learned through her Journey; always keeping in her mind that "humility becoming our best keeper of balance", as she says in her own words. Please join us in this Life Celebration of an amazing Woman, inspired heart and Powerhouse of an Action Taker! WOMAN of ACTION Tia … [Read more...]

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