Shadows of the Past, Larry James

Shadows of the past are our out-dated precepts and ideas that serve no one. They are our preconceived notions about how we think things should be, should turn out or how things are. They cast their dreary shadow between ourselves and all that is good. We must steadily move closer to the realization that our outer-circumstances are not something to be resolved but rather look upon them as inner-conditions to be acknowledged and understood. We can never see the fullness of the Light while … [Read more...]

FEAR OR FEAR NOT: Are you a ‘triskaidekaphob’?

13 ... will be the dozen this year !!! Have you noticed yet? 13 this, 13 that, 13, 13, 13. We are going to have an interesting year, one that may actually relieve some of us with the fear of the number 13. This phobia for the number 13 is called Triskaidekaphobia. It literally means fear of the number 3 and 10. It is believed that it brings about bad luck. This phobia has many stories surrounding it, which have been developed over the centuries. The most popular of which is the … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Spiritual Messages

A New Message From VERONICA Processing Fears   "In the linear life it can be extremely helpful to identify your true fears. Often a past moment projects upon a present moment creating an environment of unhealthiness. By taking an introspective moment with calmness one is able to know exactly where the current fear originated. Compounded fears (from multiple lives) are almost impossible to process and overcome. This is why core identification is so helpful. All the lives that … [Read more...]

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