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Processing Fears


“In the linear life it can be extremely helpful to identify your true fears. Often a past moment projects upon a present moment creating an environment of unhealthiness.

By taking an introspective moment with calmness one is able to know exactly where the current fear originated.

Compounded fears (from multiple lives) are almost impossible to process and overcome. This is why core identification is so helpful.

All the lives that each of you participate in co-mingle to help create your current reality. Unresolved fears can reflect into the current situation making it feel more complicated than it actually is.

When faced with the linear chaos that fear creates it is important to remain clear about the fear.

Identify its origins; if the current life offers no explanation, proceed to investigation of past life moments.

The answer usually lies beneath the skin of a life that never had an opportunity to resolve the fear.

It is the not knowing or question mark in a current life that can find no logical explanation for the fear based participation that tends to create the imbalance.

It is a fact that all have had multiple experiences in the physical world. It would also stand to reason that the emotions and fears of those lives would remain in tact with the individual’s energy.

Attempt to bring your fears close to examine them. Often upon scrutiny they will lose their momentum to upset your current moment.

Know that your experience is vast and not limited to this life. Processing past fears can make this life better.

It is worth an investigation.”



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