Celebrating that UNFPA sees ‘our vision’ for MEN of ACTION

  A Celebration of Women .... is monitoring the grassroots of our world, and is elated to share with you today.... ~ Celebrating the news of men in our world that would qualify as members of our Alumni of MEN of ACTION ~ MEN of ACTION Coming Soon! Mobilizing Men by Exploring Ways that Equality Benefits All New initiative offers insights on enlisting men as allies for women’s rights. Team-building activity at the Mobilizing Men campaign planning workshop in … [Read more...]

Avaaz – Hilton Sex Slaves

Massive hotel chain, Hilton, could be complicit in sex slavery and the rape trade. Hotels are key sites for this horrific trade but Hilton refuses to sign an international code of conduct on sex trafficking. Let's build a massive petition and deliver it to the Hilton CEO through ads in his home town papers: It's shocking. Hilton, one of the most renowned hotel chains in the world, could be complicit in child sexual exploitation, in their own facilities! Hotels are one of the primary places … [Read more...]

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