“Revocation of Vows” , George Delong

Soul Contracts Basically a soul contract is the purpose that the soul has for sending an aspect of itself into an experience of consciousness—In this case, on this planet an experience of human 3rd dimensional consciousness. The soul is continually seeking to learn, grow and to expand and it often relies on the experiences of other aspects that it has sent out into (in this case) human reality, the human experience. Once in physical incarnation the concept of free will exists, but at the same … [Read more...]


NO PAIN ~ NO GAIN Although there is a negative connotation in this quote, pain may sometimes be the reason why people change. Pain could be the motivation for success, the motivation to do better and not to falter again. Remember the days when getting bad grades in school make us realize that we need to study? Debts remind us of our inability to manage our finances efficiently and the ability to look for a source of income. Humiliation sometimes gives us the ‘push’ to do something right … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Spiritual Cleansing

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WOMEN in RECOVERY – Psychic Toxins

  Work to heal the challenges that life presents and help balance your body, establish healthy habits, release any worries, protect you in your travels, and arrange happy encounters. By removing unhealthy psychic toxins, this allows you to receive intuitive insights. You cannot control 'what' comes to mind. You can control 'how long' the mind holds the thought. This is an important aspect of connecting with a Higher Power. When you are overwhelmed, take shallow breaths. It is … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL – Spiritual Healer, Poet, Author: EXORCISM

     SHIRLEE HALL - Spiritual Healer, Poet, Author        HAVE YOU EVER OBSERVED AN EXORCISM?   A few years ago, a man came to me for healing help on his hip. Moving my hands over his body, a rather startling thing occurred. Seven of us had just finished our group meditation and the idea of an earth bound entity speaking to us was the last thing we expected. My 'patient' began to address me in a very gruff and condescending voice. The strange voice announced that he was a pawn of … [Read more...]

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