“Revocation of Vows” , George Delong

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Soul Contracts

Basically a soul contract is the purpose that the soul has for sending an aspect of itself into an experience of consciousness—In this case, on this planet an experience of human 3rd dimensional consciousness. The soul is continually seeking to learn, grow and to expand and it often relies on the experiences of other aspects that it has sent out into (in this case) human reality, the human experience. Once in physical incarnation the concept of free will exists, but at the same time the principal of forgetfulness that is imposed upon this planet also takes place. The descending aspect of the soul that comes into a state of human form to have its physical experience to fulfill a contract comes in ignorance of what the contract is or what the purpose of life is. Therefore one has the life and it may or may not complete that contract that was made with the soul to have in this lifetime.

Thus this is something that must again be reviewed when individual consciousness that was experiencing the physical life returns back to the soul and reviews the success of the life just completed. If the contract was for example to come into an experience of forgiveness and then to have experiences in that lifetime where there was transgression against an individual, great wrongs done to the individual and that individual was sent to learn to rise above it and to come to a state of forgiveness—if one returns and was not successful in this attempt, another life may be pursued to continue along that line.

Therefore this could be a soul contract to understand the principle of forgiveness and many lifetimes might be had in pursuit of this one theme. There is an infinite amount of themes that one can engage in, as the soul seeks to have those experiences in on earth. And each and every one of them could be considered a contract with the Divine to learn, to grow and to expand in consciousness and awareness through many lifetime’s experiences. Basically each and every individual who is on the planet at this time has a contract that it has chosen to experience and fulfill. When one learns and understands this and discovers their life’s contract and purpose, it adds focus in one’s life, determination, and dedication to fulfilling the contract so that one can advance and grow, both on an individual level as well as the soul level.

The contract that is made in spirit is indeed a flexible contract, and spirit never holds that one must fulfill that which was contracted, and it is for this reason that free will applies. Thus, one can go against what may have been part of the contract. For example, one decides not to go to an event even though the feeling there was to go. By not going one might not meet an individual who was to play a prominent role in one’s life. If this individual was truly meant to play a significant role, one may meet him or her again later, or one may not.

All of these events are due to the free will of the individual and their choices. If one has a blueprint and one is able to overview the blueprint to understand the energies that are available due to the various alignments of the stars, and of the energies available, one has a more enlightened way of living one’s life. Again, one cannot say that one’s astrological chart will force one to act a certain way, for there is always the free will, but one always has the blueprint to consult. It is in this way that the astrological information that is captured at the moment of birth can prove to be of great significance during the individual’s lifetime.


Contracts with malevolent extraterrestrials carried forth from lifetime to lifetime… entities making vows that transcend lifetimes… Many are called upon in other lifetimes to honor and maintain these vows. But these beings that were seen as demons, disciples of Satan, were actually extraterrestrial reptilian beings who have had the capacity to time travel and to shift throughout the multidimensional realms. These extraterrestrials would take a contract from the being who participated in the ritual, and who would return back into physical incarnation over and over. There is an energy signature that returns with each and every lifetime that is recognizable. The individual is not the exact same being anymore, but still bears the soul signature. Thus, this contract is reintroduced from one lifetime to another, and these demons, these reptilian beings working through the individual’s ignorance will show up again, demanding that the payment still be made to a contract completed in another lifetime. Due to a lack of awareness or comprehension from having passed through the vale of forgetfulness or through the hologram that has been artificially been put up around the planet, there is no understanding that the contact is not valid.

I AM RELEASING ALLEntities believe they have no recourse when demonic beings demand they honor contracts made in previous lifetimes. Because they feel they have no recourse or alternative, they allow themselves to fall again under the auspices of those extraterrestrial beings, those demonic reptilian entities. The problem here is that while the aliens can travel back into those lifetimes to collect on their contract, the individuals who have these experiences are not aware that they do not need to honour the contract.

It is not unlike getting a six-year old to sign a contract of service that will bind and enslave it for the rest of its life, simply because at 6 years old they will be given things that they like to have, and they do not have the understanding that maybe what they like as a 6 year old will not be what they want when they are 60 years old. We would not expect a contract that is signed by a child to be honoured when that child is a mature man or woman. Yet, it is expected on some level that an agreement made at a relatively unaware state of consciousness in a life that does not have awareness is to be honoured in another life and is to be perpetually held, keeping that individual enslaved from lifetime to lifetime, in the service of that which is the Dark Force or the corruption of spirit.

Often the individuals will allow themselves again to be used and manipulated for they do not understand that the contract they once made is void in this new lifetime, especially when these powerful beings who seem omnipotent stand in front of them, claiming to have control and power over them, and that if they cooperate they will benefit from such cooperation. So they recommit themselves to the contract, even though the contract no longer exists and has no real power of them. The astral tag allows these beings to reclaim their victim and delude them even further into believing they still owe them or will gain further by cooperating with them. ~Cosmic Awareness


*Without a doubt, soul contracts would hamper any intention of Ascending to 5D. Since only the individual acting on his or her own behalf can rescind any contract I suggest anyone who feels the need to proclaim aloud the “Revocation of Vows.”, George Delong.

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