ALINAS MIKOS: 3 Reasons to Break His Heart

3 Reasons to Break His Heart Fact: Everyone hates breakups. While being dumped may be the worst position to be in at the end of a relationship, doing the dumping is never fun either, which is why we tend to ignore the signs telling us it’s time to move on. Here are a few clues that your best move may be to break his heart now and save yourself from a messier cleanup later. 1. You Don’t Want to Be Intimate With Him Whether you have yet to sleep together, or have been intimate … [Read more...]

Carmen Honaker – ‘Why are You Craving a Relationship?’

Why Are You Craving a Relationship? Are You a Relationship Junkie? The once-natural progression of finding a mate has drastically been altered by modern society. There is now a whole maze of confusing signals, strange rules, etiquette and behavioral patterns that can hardly be called “natural” and seem to be mastered only by the chosen few. We are, by design, social creatures. We want to belong and we want to be cared for. For some of us, this urge is so strong that it will override common … [Read more...]

Alina Mikos: 5 Signs He's Not In It for LOVE

  5 Signs He’s Not In It for Love By Alina Mikos Every relationship requires give and take, but if the two of you have a deep love and affection for one another, there will always be a healthy and happy balance in your partnership. Some men (and women) get into relationships with motivations other than love in their mind, which is fine if both are on the same page.   However, when the love and devotion of one party is not reciprocated, the relationship is in serious trouble. So whether he’s … [Read more...]

Alchemy: Where Science and Spirituality Meet, ‘Is there an overlap?’

    Where Science and Spirituality Meet...   'Is there an overlap between science and spirituality?'         While these two fields have traditionally been seen to be at odds, the more realistic question is, what are the periods of time in which they did NOT overlap? Science, of course, is a field of study that originally emerged out of alchemy and magic. Previous to the Enlightenment, the two were not separate. Many of the people who organized the scientific revolution in human knowledge … [Read more...]

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