Ms. Lakshmi Puri – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ has been inspired to Celebrate the Life of yet another woman leader, one that has devoted her career and life to the betterment of others. Working her magic through a career with The United Nations, this powerhouse has promoted the gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda in various capacities in the context of peace and security, human rights and sustainable development and has pursued studies in history, public policy and administration, international … [Read more...]

Julia Pierson Is Sworn In As Director of the US Secret Service‏

Julia Pierson, a highly respected veteran of the Secret Service, was sworn in as the Director of that agency in a ceremony with President Obama and Vice President Biden in the Oval Office. As the President said: "I have to say that Julia’s reputation within the Service is extraordinary. She’s come up through the ranks. She’s done just about every job there is to do at the Secret Service." "Obviously, she’s breaking the mold in terms of directors of the agency, and I think that people … [Read more...]

Libyan Women Taking Action for Leadership

One of the challenges facing Libya as it builds democracy following the fall of the Muammar Qadhafi regime is the reform of the security sector.[ wananchi wa Libya washerehekea] The Voice of Libyan Women is celebrating at our Women’s Center in Zawia today for an event for Mother & Children of Martyrs. Please come and join us in the celebration starting at 2:30 PM. The event is for women and children only.There is a contest for the best poem and art piece representing “The Power of Women.” The … [Read more...]

ASIA, Women Leadership on rise in China

Across rural China, there is a transformation taking place. More and more women are stepping out of their traditional roles and into positions of power. UN TV (Multimedia) travelled to a remote region of China to meet women leaders who are shaping a new future for their country. Pung Weiling talking to a group of women For interest sake, here is a first hand report of our women in the Shanghai area of China. Excerpt from 5 Things the Foreign Media Gets Wrong About China By Andrea … [Read more...]

Reform to Reality: Empowerment of Women in the Middle East

Reform to Reality: Empowerment of Women in the Middle East Speech delivered by UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet at a lunch event hosted by the governments of the United States, Tunisia, Canada, Colombia, Jordan, the Maldives and Norway, titled “Women’s Political Participation in the Middle East,” held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, 10 June 2011. [Check against delivery.] I thank our hosts — the US, Tunisia, Canada, Colombia, Jordan, the Maldives and Norway — … [Read more...]

Michelle Bachelet wins eNEWS, Newsmaker of the Decade Award

Newsmaker of the Decade Award "I am especially pleased to be here with so many outstanding leaders, who have brought attention to issues that otherwise might go unnoticed. You offer inspiration to all of us seeking to empower those who are most vulnerable. As the first head of UN Women, I have pledged to champion the rights of women and girls in all of these areas — including ending violence against women and girls and promoting their leadership in all fields. In creating UN Women, … [Read more...]

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