WOMEN in RECOVERY – The Addict’s Recovery Process – Steps In Rebuilding TRUST

  - The Addict's Recovery Process - Steps In Rebuilding TRUST     "An enormous part of your loved one's recovery process and progress is built around them starting to pull themselves up by their own boot straps. Making decisions, weighing options, thinking through possibilities and starting to rebuild their life on their terms all start with repaving the road of trust. The first move is always the hardest to make, click here for more resources on taking the first step to … [Read more...]

Lessons To Be Learned, Barbra Streisand – WOMEN in RECOVERY

Lessons To Be Learned You have to be willing to pour in everything you have before you can see Gods increase flowing in your life. Believe in Yourself, we emphasize the value of Self-Trust. When you put Action behind your Faith and Trust God; He will pour Wisdom, Strength, and Creativity into you and help you accomplish the dreams and desires He has placed in your heart. As you stay Faithful to do your part, God will do His part. Barbra Streisand (Higher … [Read more...]

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